How Has Technology Changed TheHistory Of Wood Carving

Carvings made of wood have been a favorite for years. However today the woodcarvings have moved from the traditional methods of using high-end technology to create the same patterns.

The pantograph machine has been the way that the traditional figures of wood had been manufactured. The artist would produce the image with his hand on maybe brass or bronze and then someone would trace it on the pantograph and the carving machine then starts to produce many copies of the same. Check for more details.

The method, however, had its disadvantages because it was loud and made the area dusty and was hazardous. Also, the time taken was high since the artist had to make the design then create the figure and only then would the manufacturing begins.

The 3D scanner

The 3D scanner is the latest in technology in this industry. It traces the images that have been created originally or the data is input in it through a CAD program. After this stage, the software package will process around 50000 sets of scanner data with the model and this is the basis of the program which controls the machine.

The machine is highly technical and is automated and operates very fast and is also programmed to stop in the case of any malfunction. The size of the design can also is made to vary according to use.

This lets the figures to be produced in less than half the time and the quality is better in this case.


Technology in the wooden sculpture industry helps to decrease the time between the design of the masterpiece and the manufacturing of the product. The artist can make the original copy on wood or wax which is also much quicker as compared to casting the original piece on bronze. This makes the work to begin faster. The technological tools also protect the workers from high levels of dust and noise.