Could We Live Without Technology?

In today’s life, every single person is using technology in one way or the other. If we compare our current position to the peoples in the past time, we can see that there is a difference in communication, information, and efficiency. The reasons why we can’t think of anything without technology are:

We Love Entertainment

Technology gives us entertainment. Can we imagine a world without television, online videos, gaming systems? The technology makes TV of these days with stunning crystal clear quality where one can even stream movies directly from the internet. People are more into using computers and smartphones for entertainment. Apps like YouTube, Instagram made entertainment readily available so that people enjoy hours in entertaining videos. Have you thought Wie kriegt man mehr Instagram Likes? It is important to know because others are watching the posts you are sharing on the Instagram frequently.

Even traditional forms of the internet get punched with technology. So it’s really hard to live without technology.


Technology has helped to keep us safe. It is technology that allows people to protect their home, assets and other belongings. Security cameras, alarm system, detect the threats so that we can tackle them in advance. These days’ people can avoid accidents, crashes of vehicles due to the advanced technology used in cars to make them more secured.

Education and Information

Education is the key in every society. Education is more accessible than before because of technology. If you have a computer and internet connection, then there is the unlimited scope of gaining knowledge and information. There are tutorials available on the net, YouTube videos and the endless things to learn from apps and that too for free. These days even school & colleges have become technologically sound by developing online portals, interactive learning tools and lot more as per the need.

But too much dependence on the technology is not good because then we wouldn’t survive without technology.