How Your Phone Can Help You Set Better Habits in 2018

People often use smart devices to chat with others. However, for ensuring quick texting, one generally type short spellings that are different from the actual spelling of a word but still convey the meaning. Eventually, they forget the real spelling and finally end up in blaming the tech for introducing these kinds of worst habit in them.

On the contrary, our smartphones, laptops and other gadgets can simply teach us to cultivate good habits too. This is possible only with the knowledge of the right use of the technology and also, understanding how habit works for us.

Understanding the context of habit

A habit can be referred to as a powerful routine element which makes you do the same thing in the same way whenever you do it unless one think differently.

How does technology help to mend it?

Technology can assist you in prefixing a cue or an indicator that timely remind you to follow your work. For example, if you are in the habit of doing yoga, decide the time when you actually want to schedule it probably in the morning, then accordingly set reminders in your smart devices. Further, you will be alarmed in that specific timing and is very helpful. Additionally, it helps you never to break the chain. Many useful apps have been developed on the basis of the chain concept.

Another impressive way tech can help us with is to overcome hurdles for new habit formation. For example, you had a chance to go through the important quotes on life and meanwhile decided to follow a healthy living. Tech apps have been developed on this idea and logging your food consumption might buzz you with a scheduled workout on a daily basis.

Hence, all these creative technology ideas can help you in the formation of healthy habits.