The Best Free Tools to Help You Choose House Paint Colors

Often it’s a tough job to choose a paint color for your home. You would not want to end up picking the wrong color and then the final outcome of the paint be a disaster.  It is difficult to visualize how each color will look after it is done. But now there are various tools available online wherein you could use the visualization software to get an idea about how the room looks like after the painting job is done. Also, you could check out to get more ideas about the tools and equipment available for painting.

Different tools available online are listed below with the features offered.

Paint visualize software- With the help of this software you could upload exterior and interior photos of the home and use the software to check how different paint colors will look in your every room.  It’s online and could be used free of charge.

Also, there are some software’s which gives suggestions as to which color will suit each room. Its make your job easier in deciding on the color. Even you could mix and match the color to see how the combination works. These software’s offer different ways to apply the colors. There’s shape tool, magic wand, paint brush and so on.

Color suggestion software- There are software’s which shows the next few closest shades chosen by you and how each shade will look different if painted.

A feature of the online tools

  • It is free of cost and can use used from anywhere and at any time.
  • It is quite user-friendly and you could easily change each color and check.
  • It is easy to order the color you used in the software as the specifications of the color used will be mentioned in the software.
  • Easily you could upload the images of your home.

Technology and the Future of Healthcare – A Complete Guide

Technology in the future of healthcare is evident; the rising cost in medical treatment and making ends meet is compelling the medical fraternity. As all good sciences emerge from conceptions that are imaginative that could be true. The disruptive technology and computer-based application have started to evolve intelligent analysis of the diseases and give the curative effect of prolonged projects.

New Technology adopted by health care industry has been lagging behind, quicker application for serious and diagnostic illness will increase the systematic changes in the military forces that need innovative and effective innovation will help the abrupt changes in the medical field will be adopted. Small changes in the adoption of new technology will enable greater impacts in the society in terms of better health care, and check out the for the important and basic facilities like sanitized drinking water, and vaccination.

  • Artificial Intelligence, is simply used to optimize programs, and enable clinical decision support, will enable unrecognized and not disclosed reports and analysis possible
  • Big Data will enable the collation of the unstructured data to be novel and useful for the medical field and use it for the machine learning and advanced level analytics
  • Blockchain technology will help in analyzing the decentralized digital distributed ledger and the smart contract will help in storing the clinical trial, medical billing and coding with a central patient record transmission
  • noninvasive surgeries, minimal surgery procedures are all a part of the robotics, helpful for the military forces who need advanced medical care, and remote specialist technology
  • 3 D printing will give a three-dimensional effect of the damaged tissues in the body, and revolutionize the medical supply chain, that will help even in regenerating the human tissue from the collagen, live cells saving the patients

8 Travel Tech Essentials That Will Upgrade Every Part of Your Trip

You venture out wanting to encounter new stuff, and when the innovation you carry with you works well, it will improve such encounters. Here we are presenting to you some really great devices from BestBudget that will enhance your travel experiences.

Microsoft- Surface Go

It is the lightest and littlest of these models, not weighing more than a pound, and can deal with easily while voyaging. From a one time charging you obtain nine hours of usage facility.

Even H3 -Bluetooth earphones

It is moderately difficult to discover remote earphones that convey on best cost or quality of sound. It is economical and made using exclusive expectations.

SkyroamSolis –Portable WiFi hot spot

The portable hotspot is a generally recent classification for the worldwide network which is useful for explorers who require online connectivity periodically.

Gotenna Mesh – Gps and Sms Gadget

Get your team this and you may be able to share locations and send texts without any WiFi or data connections. It is easy to utilize and set up is also simple, with maps that can be utilized offline.

Ring Wi-Fi – Video Doorbell

This doorbell has a movement initiated camera that recognizes gatecrashers, criminals, and other undesirable visitors. It interfaces with the smartphone through an application, enabling you to keep an eye on your house from anyplace.

Basu – Alarm

Although the size is small, it’s has a huge volume which is actually what we require while traveling about. It’s a smart device to carry around during an emergency, particularly in case you are searching for true serenity while voyaging alone over the globe.

DjiMavic- Drone

In case you have been pondering about emerging into the universe of drones for some time, this is apt for you. It’s anything but difficult to control, exceptionally packable, and captures amazing pictures. It is ideal for small treks where movability is generally imperative.…

How Two-cylinder Engines and F1 Tech Could Redefine Road Cars

The main problem of small-sized cars is the low efficiency of the engine which results in high fuel consumption and comparatively low speed.  But small cars serve excellently as family cars.  These small cars can be suitably modified with two-cylinder engines and F1 tech and redefine road cars in the following ways:

  1. Instead of one engine, these cars are smartly replaced with two cylinder engines. You need not to bother on where to find the genuine quality spares.  Trust 247 spares.  So it is easy even to convert your car to a two-cylinder car.
  2. F1 tech results in improved speed.
  3. This will help in better rear wheel drive.
  4. It reduces brake discs getting heated.
  5. These have a good quality battery and power electronics which matches the efficiency of the two engines for the F1 technology.
  6. During the drive, the F1 technology helps in controlling the turbine speed and the surplus energy is will be stored in the battery.
  7. F1 technology reduces the strain of using accelerator and brake and the driving will be comfortable.
  8. A high-quality suspension is used in these cars.
  9. The tires of these cars have the best quality to withstand the massive speed and heavy braking.
  10. The inner walls of the engine are coated with carbon to reduce wall friction.

These cars would definitely redefine roads as they ensure:

  1. Maximum comfort and reduced physical strain while driving.
  2. Maximum fuel and engine efficiency.
  3. Maximum comfort of travel since excellent wheels are used and improved speed performance is assured.
  4. Safety is improved since these cars are fitted with the quality braking system in spite of reaching high speeds.
  5. These cars reduce pollution since they use energy efficiently in spite of having two engines.

How Technology is Changing How We Eat

Technology has changed totally various aspects of food.  This post is for highlighting the ways in which technology has changed right from growing food till its delivery to the consumer:

Growing food:  Technology has changed the way have food is grown and offered for our consumption.  Genetics has enabled growing disease resistant, fast yielding varieties.

Need to cook minimized:  The need and the efforts to cook is minimized due to technology.  The market is loaded with a lot of processed food. Hence there is no need to elaborately boil, fry, grill or bake.  Working men find it easy to use readymade foods.

Awareness:  Gone are those days when people were eating junk and fast foods in a thoughtless way.  Lots of people take Christina Wistia as their inspiration and choose healthy living by following keto dieting. Technology has made this awareness possible.  Just try reading her articles and you will be surprised to see the wide range of benefits you would get by following simple and easy-to-follow changes in diet.  It ensures no compromise on reaping the nutritional benefits at the same time allows good use of healthy fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil.  It will change your perception that dieting is related to eating tasteless food.  On the contrast, it opens our vision of eating tasty food and maintaining good health.

The way we cook:  It is now possible to get all the vegetables in all seasons due to freezing methods.  Gadgets like microwave ovens and grillers have made possible to cook with less oil.  Also, the cooking time is reduced considerably.

Apps for food delivery:  There is no need to step outside the house in search of food.  You can order your food from your favorite restaurants using food delivery apps.

Marketing influence:  There is a lot of influence from advertisements on our eating decisions.  We get carried away by attractive marketing efforts.  The most advertised food products find their way in our regular grocery lists.

How Boatbuilding Technology Keeps Getting Better

The imagination of human beings is their biggest strength and the biggest motivation towards a better life as well. They have been creating new devices and improving the existing ones to conquer the universe. The way of traveling over land and in the skies has completely changed and even the waterways are seeing revolutionary kind of boats.

The reason for this revolution is the new technology and new developments happening in the materials and equipment being used in boat building. The designs have changed to make the boats more streamlined and efficient power guzzlers. The process of building a boat is more complex than ever before.

If you see the kind of boats available at, then you will be amazed at the modern designs and kind of amenities that are available on the yachts. These are the results of human imagination combined with hard work and the use of modern technology. Wood has been replaced by fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and new better materials have been created which are easy to mold and lighter in weight.

With the change in the material being used, the process of molding has also evolved and gone through some radical advancement. The molding process ensures that the joints are seamless and with smoother surfaces. The boats are able to glide on water and are easy to maneuver. The boating technology has also evolved due to the improvement happening in the machines and various controlling tools. The compass and radar have been replaced with their modern versions.

Today boat building is the combination of science and technology with artistic designs. It involves the study of the medium in which the boat is going to be used predominantly, like the sea or river. The laws of physics and chemistry need to be constantly kept in mind while the designer has to consider the dimensions- the staggering sizes of ships and number of people and huge cargo spaces at the same time. The improved technology has helped more people to have a taste of the luxurious life of yachts and cruise liners which was restricted to only a few in the past.…

7 Lessons for Parents about Kids and Technology

Technology is a boon in education. There are plenty of ways in which parents can make use of technology to help their kids learn new concepts. Technology has given some great learning toys and there are several apps for smartphones that can be used for customized learning as well. I get toys for my kids here.

  1. Children learn from what they see than from what they hear. So if you would like to limit their screen time you can initiate it by limiting the screen time for yourself.
  2. Too many restrictions on the use of gadgets can backfire. As long as parents themselves expose their kids and give them a basic level of freedom to use their gadget they would not be carried away by these devices. For the older kids, parents being open about the use of gadget and allowing a smart usage of them would prevent the kids from being misled by their peers.
  3. Online safety is the first thing to work on. But it is true that no matter how strong your strategy is, there tend to be gaps. Investing in the most reliable parental control software is your best bet.
  4. Your work doesn’t end with the implementation of the parental controls. Continuous monitoring and updating of parental controls would also be important.
  5. There are plenty of places where chatrooms are integrated like within apps and games. So you would have to plan about the parental controls on all the gadgets that your child uses
  6. Help your child understand the risks of data thefts and privacy issues caused by sharing information online. To do this you should also educate yourself about data security on the internet.
  7. The use of technology and the prevention of abuse of tech gadgets can be learned slowly from experience. Parents can help their children by taking part in this process themselves.

Top Tips to Protect Your Cables and Wires from Damage by Rodents

A house is bound to have wires and cables. Even people living off the grid have some kind of wiring scheme to sustain the various systems working in the house. Many houses have pest infestation; it is a fairly common occurrence. These pests and bugs not only harm the furniture and food items but many of these start chewing the wires and cables also. Mice and other species of rodents are the most dangerous pests when it comes to damage to the cables and wires.

Termites and other pests also damage the house wires in some way but rodents have an affinity to the rubber protected cables and most of the times they end up chewing the wires. Some of the ways to prevent this from happening are:

  1. Prevent rodents from entering your home. Seal any open spaces or holes in the areas from which they can enter the house. Even the smallest of these holes could allow free entry of the rodents.
  2. Try using some rat poison and kill them preventing damage to the cables.
  3. Take the help from a professional and take their help in learning how to get rid of rats in house.
  4. There are specific devices that emit sounds that only rodents can hear and they hate the sounds of this frequency. Use of such ultrasound devices will help in getting rid of the mice.
  5. Spray the area around the wire boxes and wires with a rat deterrent substance.
  6. Squirrels and rats are inquisitive by nature. You can use some strong chemicals near the entry points that will deter them from entering. These may include, cloves. Garlic, onion, and ammonia etc.
  7. You can use liquid mixing jalapenos, pepper powder, and even Tabasco sauce and spray this liquid on the cables and wires. This will deter rodents from chewing them but this process will have to be repeated every couple of days.

Wires and cables are not only essential but any damage may lead to dangerous consequences. Hence it is important that the cables and wires are kept safe from any attack by the pests, especially the rodent variety.

The Future of Smart Home Technology

The technology has advanced in almost every field and made possible changes in the respective fields.  The advancement of technology in the household items made the people feel comfortable and safe in the present environment.  There are many online platforms which offer better services in the Smart home technology and among them Rendervision offers many services using advanced features in the technology and provide a better way of living standard across the globe.

There are some features for the future of home smart technology as follows;

  • Concern on Security and Privacy: The concern on security and privacy become the stronger appeal for the people to consider and use of these technology advances helps to create an atmosphere safe and secured.
  • Smart devices integration: The integration of smart home devices helps in the technology up gradation which helps to link between the other home devices for the improved services.
  • Use of Video surveillance: The technology has changed tremendously and the use of video surveillance made the people feel secure and safe since it helps to monitor the surroundings throughout the entire day.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: Many technology innovations made anything is possible in the real world and the use of artificial intelligence will help you to serve in a better way.
  • Increased efficiency and control: The smart home technology helps to create an increased efficiency and control in respect to the safety of the house and people living in these areas.
  • Smart Kitchen Gadgets: The innovation in the kitchen cabinets has made the users live in a comfortable way.  The kitchen things like electric rice cookers, steam observers, oven, and bread toaster made the users cook in a pleasant environment.
  • Replacement of items: Since the advancement in technology made the users replace the unwanted things into a useful kitchen item.  Replacement of older items into a newer one made it a possible and easiest way of doing things.
  • Smart space control: New kitchen storing items like designing the kitchen cabinet in order to use the entire space have provided the provision of storing many items within a limited space.

The Present scenario of life has advocated with many technology innovations and also paved a way for the future innovations.…

Is Regtech the New Fintech? Everything You Need to Know

In 2008, there was a great financial crisis in the banking industry.  The year saw many bad loans and subsequent bank failures.  Eventually, this led to many compliance regulations in the banking industry.  Failure of these compliances resulted in penalties being imposed on banks.

Right from the beginning of the above crisis, the area of compliance regulation has expanded considerably.  Banks had to strengthen their back offices and make changes providing for better risk management.  The new Financial instruments directive instructed the banks to maintain complex compliance details such as an audit trail of the entire transaction.  Such complex requirements can be handled only by a competent technology.  That is the reason why regtech is the new fintech.

Regtech is used by many associate partners in prevention of KYC and online frauds.  For example, Fully verified for video verification of identity.  In traditional KYC verification method, people can easily use fake identity documents.  But regtech is useful is video verifying the identity of the customer using artificial intelligence.  The recorded video will be available for future reference too.

The other areas in which Regtech helps are the following:

  1. Secured connectivity platform between asset managers and insurers
  2. Secured password storage
  3. Real-time monitoring of transactions to ensure anti-money laundering
  4. Prevention of online financial frauds
  5. Credit risk analysis and compliance reporting

Regtech serves as a common platform across multiple systems around the globe.  Money laundering transactions and financing for terroristic activities cannot be traced easily since those involve funds transfer across multiple countries.  Regtech comes as a rescuer in such a complicated scenario.

Another use of regtech is that it helps in tracking compliance regulations across the world.  Financial institutions which work across the globe have different regulations in different countries of operation.  Hence tracking the change in regulations makes compliance easier.…