7 Lessons for Parents about Kids and Technology

Technology is a boon in education. There are plenty of ways in which parents can make use of technology to help their kids learn new concepts. Technology has given some great learning toys and there are several apps for smartphones that can be used for customized learning as well. I get toys for my kids here.

  1. Children learn from what they see than from what they hear. So if you would like to limit their screen time you can initiate it by limiting the screen time for yourself.
  2. Too many restrictions on the use of gadgets can backfire. As long as parents themselves expose their kids and give them a basic level of freedom to use their gadget they would not be carried away by these devices. For the older kids, parents being open about the use of gadget and allowing a smart usage of them would prevent the kids from being misled by their peers.
  3. Online safety is the first thing to work on. But it is true that no matter how strong your strategy is, there tend to be gaps. Investing in the most reliable parental control software is your best bet.
  4. Your work doesn’t end with the implementation of the parental controls. Continuous monitoring and updating of parental controls would also be important.
  5. There are plenty of places where chatrooms are integrated like within apps and games. So you would have to plan about the parental controls on all the gadgets that your child uses
  6. Help your child understand the risks of data thefts and privacy issues caused by sharing information online. To do this you should also educate yourself about data security on the internet.
  7. The use of technology and the prevention of abuse of tech gadgets can be learned slowly from experience. Parents can help their children by taking part in this process themselves.