Could We Live Without Technology?

In today’s life, every single person is using technology in one way or the other. If we compare our current position to the peoples in the past time, we can see that there is a difference in communication, information, and efficiency. The reasons why we can’t think of anything without technology are:

We Love Entertainment

Technology gives us entertainment. Can we imagine a world without television, online videos, gaming systems? The technology makes TV of these days with stunning crystal clear quality where one can even stream movies directly from the internet. People are more into using computers and smartphones for entertainment. Apps like YouTube, Instagram made entertainment readily available so that people enjoy hours in entertaining videos. Have you thought Wie kriegt man mehr Instagram Likes? It is important to know because others are watching the posts you are sharing on the Instagram frequently.

Even traditional forms of the internet get punched with technology. So it’s really hard to live without technology.


Technology has helped to keep us safe. It is technology that allows people to protect their home, assets and other belongings. Security cameras, alarm system, detect the threats so that we can tackle them in advance. These days’ people can avoid accidents, crashes of vehicles due to the advanced technology used in cars to make them more secured.

Education and Information

Education is the key in every society. Education is more accessible than before because of technology. If you have a computer and internet connection, then there is the unlimited scope of gaining knowledge and information. There are tutorials available on the net, YouTube videos and the endless things to learn from apps and that too for free. These days even school & colleges have become technologically sound by developing online portals, interactive learning tools and lot more as per the need.

But too much dependence on the technology is not good because then we wouldn’t survive without technology.…

The Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

An operating system is the base of a computer system. It is the control of hardware as well as software applications. Since the beginning of the computer introduction, there has been a lot of development with respect to the windows as the prime operating system with many versions of it. The most recent one is the windows 10. One of the previous OS the windows 7 is also equally well with its functions.

But there are some differences between the two which are being discussed here. This site has great windows 10 tutorials which can be handy to any techno-geek who wants the smallest of details pertaining to the system as a whole.

Some of the most prominent differences between the two are :

  1. Windows 10 has been made with an outlook to cover the OS on all products like mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. it has been made supportive of all these hardware. Whereas Windows 7 can be supported only on PC’s and laptops and hence Windows 10 is opted for the touchscreen
  2. Another difference is that Search option, in windows 7 it helps to search the files and applications on the computer, though it looks same on the windows 10 it goes a step better in allowing search directly from the web. This feature is an enhancement preferred by users.
  3. The introduction of Cortana a virtual office assistant is the proud feature of Windows 10 unlike windows 7 which helps the user to maintain everything up to date with the push from this assistant.
  4. The virtual desktop is an exciting feature in Windows 10 that helps the user in multitasking. This is considered as an added advantage which is enjoyed by many users.
  5. There have also been many new functions in gaming options in Windows 10 when compared with Windows It has been an exciting development.

On the overall windows10 is the one with more features that suits the current quick paced world of technology and users support the windows 10 version and are completely satisfied with its features.…

Hostgator v/s Justhost Hosting – Why Hostgator Hosting Is Better?

When it comes to web hosting, you will find lots of popular names in the field. While Hostgator is really the father figure in this field, there are other reputed names, like Godaddy, Justhost, etc. Why there is a comparison of Hostgator v/s Justhost? You can say Hostgator is the leading web hosting platform in the market where Justhost has just stepped into. Can there be any comparison between the both? Here is a thorough discussion between the two and then you are to decide which one is the best, or more precisely which one you should prefer. Before digging deep into the comparison, let’s get an overview of both the web hosting services.

Hostgator – What Do You Want to Know About It?

Based in Houston, Hostgator is a web hosting that comes with dedicated shared, VPS, reseller service with its branch office in Austin, Texas.

Founded by Brent Oxley in 2002 in Florida, Hostgator took no time to gain immense popularity amongst the web developers around the world. So far, according to the latest statistics of 2003, Hostgator has more than 400,000 customers along with 9 million domains.

Justhost – A Brief Overview

Justhost hosting compared to Hostgator is new. It was founded in 2004 and its data center is located at Provo, Utah. Within this small time, it has also gathered enough popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and VPS hosting. Maybe, they are still laidback in providing continuous customer support, but they are working on that drawback.

Now, you have gained little information about both of the web hosting. Which one is better than the other? That you can know from a detailed study of comparison. Read on to know more-

Hostgator v/s Justhost- Features and Pricing

When it comes to Hostgator, you will find three different types of web hosting packages that are ranged between $4.95 and $12.95 per month. Hatchling Plan that is the basic package of Hostgator, comes with unlimited disk space, single domain and obviously, with unlimited bandwidth. If you go for the bigger plans, you will get more things, like endless domains, and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Not only that but Hostgator web hosting also provides free and dedicated IP and SSL along with numerous online commercial services which have made it worthy of paying the price of Hostgator.

Justhost is a bit different from Hostgator in terms of features and pricing. It comes with two plans- the JustPlan and the JustPlan Premium. The price range of Justhost is lower than Hostgator as it is within $3.45 to $6.95 per month, though it is subject to change anytime. If you go for premium plans, you can get unlimited free domains for life, that means till then Justhost is in business.

Question of Reliability

Though both of them provide99.9% uptime guarantee, Hostgator offers something more. Their customer service is available for 24*7/365 days. There are also weekly off-site backups. The services, offered by Justhost here are quite same apart from the offsite backup. But, Justhost comes with biometric security in the package which has made it almost equal to Hostgator.

Strong Support System

Maybe, in providing upgraded services, both of the hosting companies are nearly same, but when it comes to the supporting system, Hostgator will get few additional points. They come with their 24*7 helping hand where you can ask your query through the mail, over phones, etc. Apart from that, they assist users to know more about the hosting process through their websites, contents, magazines, etc. Customer service support system, in case of Jushost, is not that much up to the mark.

Apart from these essential fields, there are different other sectors where these two web hostings are different than the other. Now, it is up to you which one will be convenient for you.…