Video Game Addiction and Obesity

An expected range of about 12 million youngsters aged 2 – 20 are hefty, as indicated by different investigations. In spite of the fact that hereditary qualities and eating regime assume essential jobs in youth stoutness, it additionally records that inactive media watching can add to this pandemic. All things considered, sitting before the screen engaged in computer games can have an impact in your youngster building up a weight issue.

Weight Overview

Prior to blaming your tyke’s computer game framework, pointing the finger at it for your previously minimal one’s developing edge, it’s vital to see how and why corpulence occurs. While science assumes a job in your kid’s creating body nature, over-utilization of sugar filled, full fat and in general undesirable nourishments can prompt youth heftiness instead of consuming healthy diets as yerba tea helps. Furthermore, an absence of a physical form of exercises can prompt weight increase in kids.

Passive Activities

Even though your youngster might state that he is engaged with computer games, it might seem more like idly sitting compared to other physical activities. Having fun with a computer game is to a great extent physically uninvolved for the majority of the kids. Like TV seeing, the aloof part of computer games detracts from genuine physical actions and result in gaining of weight.

Can vary considerably

With the inactive way of life that computer game players might have could appear to associate with the expanded danger of youth heftiness, which isn’t generally the situation. Certain examination demonstrates that there is next to zero association among plying games in computer and obesity.

Inverse Effect

Not exclusively are computer games not generally to fault for youth heftiness, yet a few specialists propose that youngsters can really utilize it to remain physically healthy. Computer games that are interactive allow the children to be active and reduce the probability of weight gain. Enthusiastically captivating in computer games that need the gamer to create sports-related developments, like dancing around or running gives a portion of the high-impact action that youngsters require to remain sound and healthy.

The Best Free Tools to Help You Choose House Paint Colors

Often it’s a tough job to choose a paint color for your home. You would not want to end up picking the wrong color and then the final outcome of the paint be a disaster.  It is difficult to visualize how each color will look after it is done. But now there are various tools available online wherein you could use the visualization software to get an idea about how the room looks like after the painting job is done. Also, you could check out to get more ideas about the tools and equipment available for painting.

Different tools available online are listed below with the features offered.

Paint visualize software- With the help of this software you could upload exterior and interior photos of the home and use the software to check how different paint colors will look in your every room.  It’s online and could be used free of charge.

Also, there are some software’s which gives suggestions as to which color will suit each room. Its make your job easier in deciding on the color. Even you could mix and match the color to see how the combination works. These software’s offer different ways to apply the colors. There’s shape tool, magic wand, paint brush and so on.

Color suggestion software- There are software’s which shows the next few closest shades chosen by you and how each shade will look different if painted.

A feature of the online tools

  • It is free of cost and can use used from anywhere and at any time.
  • It is quite user-friendly and you could easily change each color and check.
  • It is easy to order the color you used in the software as the specifications of the color used will be mentioned in the software.
  • Easily you could upload the images of your home.

Technology and the Future of Healthcare – A Complete Guide

Technology in the future of healthcare is evident; the rising cost in medical treatment and making ends meet is compelling the medical fraternity. As all good sciences emerge from conceptions that are imaginative that could be true. The disruptive technology and computer-based application have started to evolve intelligent analysis of the diseases and give the curative effect of prolonged projects.

New Technology adopted by health care industry has been lagging behind, quicker application for serious and diagnostic illness will increase the systematic changes in the military forces that need innovative and effective innovation will help the abrupt changes in the medical field will be adopted. Small changes in the adoption of new technology will enable greater impacts in the society in terms of better health care, and check out the for the important and basic facilities like sanitized drinking water, and vaccination.

  • Artificial Intelligence, is simply used to optimize programs, and enable clinical decision support, will enable unrecognized and not disclosed reports and analysis possible
  • Big Data will enable the collation of the unstructured data to be novel and useful for the medical field and use it for the machine learning and advanced level analytics
  • Blockchain technology will help in analyzing the decentralized digital distributed ledger and the smart contract will help in storing the clinical trial, medical billing and coding with a central patient record transmission
  • noninvasive surgeries, minimal surgery procedures are all a part of the robotics, helpful for the military forces who need advanced medical care, and remote specialist technology
  • 3 D printing will give a three-dimensional effect of the damaged tissues in the body, and revolutionize the medical supply chain, that will help even in regenerating the human tissue from the collagen, live cells saving the patients

8 Travel Tech Essentials That Will Upgrade Every Part of Your Trip

You venture out wanting to encounter new stuff, and when the innovation you carry with you works well, it will improve such encounters. Here we are presenting to you some really great devices from BestBudget that will enhance your travel experiences.

Microsoft- Surface Go

It is the lightest and littlest of these models, not weighing more than a pound, and can deal with easily while voyaging. From a one time charging you obtain nine hours of usage facility.

Even H3 -Bluetooth earphones

It is moderately difficult to discover remote earphones that convey on best cost or quality of sound. It is economical and made using exclusive expectations.

SkyroamSolis –Portable WiFi hot spot

The portable hotspot is a generally recent classification for the worldwide network which is useful for explorers who require online connectivity periodically.

Gotenna Mesh – Gps and Sms Gadget

Get your team this and you may be able to share locations and send texts without any WiFi or data connections. It is easy to utilize and set up is also simple, with maps that can be utilized offline.

Ring Wi-Fi – Video Doorbell

This doorbell has a movement initiated camera that recognizes gatecrashers, criminals, and other undesirable visitors. It interfaces with the smartphone through an application, enabling you to keep an eye on your house from anyplace.

Basu – Alarm

Although the size is small, it’s has a huge volume which is actually what we require while traveling about. It’s a smart device to carry around during an emergency, particularly in case you are searching for true serenity while voyaging alone over the globe.

DjiMavic- Drone

In case you have been pondering about emerging into the universe of drones for some time, this is apt for you. It’s anything but difficult to control, exceptionally packable, and captures amazing pictures. It is ideal for small treks where movability is generally imperative.…

How Two-cylinder Engines and F1 Tech Could Redefine Road Cars

The main problem of small-sized cars is the low efficiency of the engine which results in high fuel consumption and comparatively low speed.  But small cars serve excellently as family cars.  These small cars can be suitably modified with two-cylinder engines and F1 tech and redefine road cars in the following ways:

  1. Instead of one engine, these cars are smartly replaced with two cylinder engines. You need not to bother on where to find the genuine quality spares.  Trust 247 spares.  So it is easy even to convert your car to a two-cylinder car.
  2. F1 tech results in improved speed.
  3. This will help in better rear wheel drive.
  4. It reduces brake discs getting heated.
  5. These have a good quality battery and power electronics which matches the efficiency of the two engines for the F1 technology.
  6. During the drive, the F1 technology helps in controlling the turbine speed and the surplus energy is will be stored in the battery.
  7. F1 technology reduces the strain of using accelerator and brake and the driving will be comfortable.
  8. A high-quality suspension is used in these cars.
  9. The tires of these cars have the best quality to withstand the massive speed and heavy braking.
  10. The inner walls of the engine are coated with carbon to reduce wall friction.

These cars would definitely redefine roads as they ensure:

  1. Maximum comfort and reduced physical strain while driving.
  2. Maximum fuel and engine efficiency.
  3. Maximum comfort of travel since excellent wheels are used and improved speed performance is assured.
  4. Safety is improved since these cars are fitted with the quality braking system in spite of reaching high speeds.
  5. These cars reduce pollution since they use energy efficiently in spite of having two engines.

How Technology is Changing How We Eat

Technology has changed totally various aspects of food.  This post is for highlighting the ways in which technology has changed right from growing food till its delivery to the consumer:

Growing food:  Technology has changed the way have food is grown and offered for our consumption.  Genetics has enabled growing disease resistant, fast yielding varieties.

Need to cook minimized:  The need and the efforts to cook is minimized due to technology.  The market is loaded with a lot of processed food. Hence there is no need to elaborately boil, fry, grill or bake.  Working men find it easy to use readymade foods.

Awareness:  Gone are those days when people were eating junk and fast foods in a thoughtless way.  Lots of people take Christina Wistia as their inspiration and choose healthy living by following keto dieting. Technology has made this awareness possible.  Just try reading her articles and you will be surprised to see the wide range of benefits you would get by following simple and easy-to-follow changes in diet.  It ensures no compromise on reaping the nutritional benefits at the same time allows good use of healthy fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil.  It will change your perception that dieting is related to eating tasteless food.  On the contrast, it opens our vision of eating tasty food and maintaining good health.

The way we cook:  It is now possible to get all the vegetables in all seasons due to freezing methods.  Gadgets like microwave ovens and grillers have made possible to cook with less oil.  Also, the cooking time is reduced considerably.

Apps for food delivery:  There is no need to step outside the house in search of food.  You can order your food from your favorite restaurants using food delivery apps.

Marketing influence:  There is a lot of influence from advertisements on our eating decisions.  We get carried away by attractive marketing efforts.  The most advertised food products find their way in our regular grocery lists.

How Boatbuilding Technology Keeps Getting Better

The imagination of human beings is their biggest strength and the biggest motivation towards a better life as well. They have been creating new devices and improving the existing ones to conquer the universe. The way of traveling over land and in the skies has completely changed and even the waterways are seeing revolutionary kind of boats.

The reason for this revolution is the new technology and new developments happening in the materials and equipment being used in boat building. The designs have changed to make the boats more streamlined and efficient power guzzlers. The process of building a boat is more complex than ever before.

If you see the kind of boats available at, then you will be amazed at the modern designs and kind of amenities that are available on the yachts. These are the results of human imagination combined with hard work and the use of modern technology. Wood has been replaced by fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and new better materials have been created which are easy to mold and lighter in weight.

With the change in the material being used, the process of molding has also evolved and gone through some radical advancement. The molding process ensures that the joints are seamless and with smoother surfaces. The boats are able to glide on water and are easy to maneuver. The boating technology has also evolved due to the improvement happening in the machines and various controlling tools. The compass and radar have been replaced with their modern versions.

Today boat building is the combination of science and technology with artistic designs. It involves the study of the medium in which the boat is going to be used predominantly, like the sea or river. The laws of physics and chemistry need to be constantly kept in mind while the designer has to consider the dimensions- the staggering sizes of ships and number of people and huge cargo spaces at the same time. The improved technology has helped more people to have a taste of the luxurious life of yachts and cruise liners which was restricted to only a few in the past.…

7 Lessons for Parents about Kids and Technology

Technology is a boon in education. There are plenty of ways in which parents can make use of technology to help their kids learn new concepts. Technology has given some great learning toys and there are several apps for smartphones that can be used for customized learning as well. I get toys for my kids here.

  1. Children learn from what they see than from what they hear. So if you would like to limit their screen time you can initiate it by limiting the screen time for yourself.
  2. Too many restrictions on the use of gadgets can backfire. As long as parents themselves expose their kids and give them a basic level of freedom to use their gadget they would not be carried away by these devices. For the older kids, parents being open about the use of gadget and allowing a smart usage of them would prevent the kids from being misled by their peers.
  3. Online safety is the first thing to work on. But it is true that no matter how strong your strategy is, there tend to be gaps. Investing in the most reliable parental control software is your best bet.
  4. Your work doesn’t end with the implementation of the parental controls. Continuous monitoring and updating of parental controls would also be important.
  5. There are plenty of places where chatrooms are integrated like within apps and games. So you would have to plan about the parental controls on all the gadgets that your child uses
  6. Help your child understand the risks of data thefts and privacy issues caused by sharing information online. To do this you should also educate yourself about data security on the internet.
  7. The use of technology and the prevention of abuse of tech gadgets can be learned slowly from experience. Parents can help their children by taking part in this process themselves.

Top Tips to Protect Your Cables and Wires from Damage by Rodents

A house is bound to have wires and cables. Even people living off the grid have some kind of wiring scheme to sustain the various systems working in the house. Many houses have pest infestation; it is a fairly common occurrence. These pests and bugs not only harm the furniture and food items but many of these start chewing the wires and cables also. Mice and other species of rodents are the most dangerous pests when it comes to damage to the cables and wires.

Termites and other pests also damage the house wires in some way but rodents have an affinity to the rubber protected cables and most of the times they end up chewing the wires. Some of the ways to prevent this from happening are:

  1. Prevent rodents from entering your home. Seal any open spaces or holes in the areas from which they can enter the house. Even the smallest of these holes could allow free entry of the rodents.
  2. Try using some rat poison and kill them preventing damage to the cables.
  3. Take the help from a professional and take their help in learning how to get rid of rats in house.
  4. There are specific devices that emit sounds that only rodents can hear and they hate the sounds of this frequency. Use of such ultrasound devices will help in getting rid of the mice.
  5. Spray the area around the wire boxes and wires with a rat deterrent substance.
  6. Squirrels and rats are inquisitive by nature. You can use some strong chemicals near the entry points that will deter them from entering. These may include, cloves. Garlic, onion, and ammonia etc.
  7. You can use liquid mixing jalapenos, pepper powder, and even Tabasco sauce and spray this liquid on the cables and wires. This will deter rodents from chewing them but this process will have to be repeated every couple of days.

Wires and cables are not only essential but any damage may lead to dangerous consequences. Hence it is important that the cables and wires are kept safe from any attack by the pests, especially the rodent variety.

The Future of Smart Home Technology

The technology has advanced in almost every field and made possible changes in the respective fields.  The advancement of technology in the household items made the people feel comfortable and safe in the present environment.  There are many online platforms which offer better services in the Smart home technology and among them Rendervision offers many services using advanced features in the technology and provide a better way of living standard across the globe.

There are some features for the future of home smart technology as follows;

  • Concern on Security and Privacy: The concern on security and privacy become the stronger appeal for the people to consider and use of these technology advances helps to create an atmosphere safe and secured.
  • Smart devices integration: The integration of smart home devices helps in the technology up gradation which helps to link between the other home devices for the improved services.
  • Use of Video surveillance: The technology has changed tremendously and the use of video surveillance made the people feel secure and safe since it helps to monitor the surroundings throughout the entire day.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: Many technology innovations made anything is possible in the real world and the use of artificial intelligence will help you to serve in a better way.
  • Increased efficiency and control: The smart home technology helps to create an increased efficiency and control in respect to the safety of the house and people living in these areas.
  • Smart Kitchen Gadgets: The innovation in the kitchen cabinets has made the users live in a comfortable way.  The kitchen things like electric rice cookers, steam observers, oven, and bread toaster made the users cook in a pleasant environment.
  • Replacement of items: Since the advancement in technology made the users replace the unwanted things into a useful kitchen item.  Replacement of older items into a newer one made it a possible and easiest way of doing things.
  • Smart space control: New kitchen storing items like designing the kitchen cabinet in order to use the entire space have provided the provision of storing many items within a limited space.

The Present scenario of life has advocated with many technology innovations and also paved a way for the future innovations.…

Is Regtech the New Fintech? Everything You Need to Know

In 2008, there was a great financial crisis in the banking industry.  The year saw many bad loans and subsequent bank failures.  Eventually, this led to many compliance regulations in the banking industry.  Failure of these compliances resulted in penalties being imposed on banks.

Right from the beginning of the above crisis, the area of compliance regulation has expanded considerably.  Banks had to strengthen their back offices and make changes providing for better risk management.  The new Financial instruments directive instructed the banks to maintain complex compliance details such as an audit trail of the entire transaction.  Such complex requirements can be handled only by a competent technology.  That is the reason why regtech is the new fintech.

Regtech is used by many associate partners in prevention of KYC and online frauds.  For example, Fully verified for video verification of identity.  In traditional KYC verification method, people can easily use fake identity documents.  But regtech is useful is video verifying the identity of the customer using artificial intelligence.  The recorded video will be available for future reference too.

The other areas in which Regtech helps are the following:

  1. Secured connectivity platform between asset managers and insurers
  2. Secured password storage
  3. Real-time monitoring of transactions to ensure anti-money laundering
  4. Prevention of online financial frauds
  5. Credit risk analysis and compliance reporting

Regtech serves as a common platform across multiple systems around the globe.  Money laundering transactions and financing for terroristic activities cannot be traced easily since those involve funds transfer across multiple countries.  Regtech comes as a rescuer in such a complicated scenario.

Another use of regtech is that it helps in tracking compliance regulations across the world.  Financial institutions which work across the globe have different regulations in different countries of operation.  Hence tracking the change in regulations makes compliance easier.…

5 Tech Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Hobby is a great stress buster that keeps your life well rounded. Life without any hobby can become very dull and monotonous adding more stress to your daily tasks. Hobbies can be simple like gardening, exercise, and painting or can be geeky activities like coding and programming. Here is a list of some tech hobbies that not only help to bring down your stress levels but will also make you smarter.

1) Creating your own music: Music is one of the important stress busters, creating your own music can be very exciting. You can start creating simple music pieces using one of the digital instruments available in application or online, or can also mix two songs using some mixing online service.

2) Game Programming: Playing online games is fun; you can also create your own games using some basic programming concepts. You can change it to add your own features and concepts using complex programming if you are a techie. You can create your own levels for the game with different reward systems.

3) Lego creations: We all loved creating different Lego creations as kids. You can automate these Lego creations using your programming skills and creativity. There are a variety of Lego parts that can be used to program to move these Lego creations using remotes.

4) Home Automation: You can work on making your home a little more automated using different sensors and simple programming skills. You can create simple projects like putting all the lights on and off together or checking if the garage door is open or closed. You can make use of gadgets like cameras to automate your home.

5) Designing: You can make use of your creative mind to create smaller projects like website designing, creating logos, invitations, birthday cards etc. There are many online applications that let you choose different backgrounds, templates, colors, and fonts for creating these designs.

Is Video the Future of Online Shopping? Here’s How

The world moves toward borderless shopping.  More and more time is spent on online selling sites.  But these sites have few existing shortcomings- like, for example, one cannot try a dress and then proceed to buy.   Of course, they have flexible return policies, but it takes time to order the correct one again and get it delivered.

Also, we do not buy everything online.  We are going to physical shopping to check the whole range of varieties and discounts.  Even in case of buying goods directly, the process of returning goods is always cumbersome.

In near future, all these difficulties will be wiped away.  Because video is the future of online shopping.

Take the case of dresses.  Video shopping allows virtual trial and color preferences can be checked to find out the most suitable dress.

Video shopping will influence accessories purchase also.  Imagine buying discount Prada bags where you may get video option to scan your attire and check whether it goes well with the handbag.

The buyer always feels risky to buy costly gadgets without personal inspection. He likes to know the complete look and features.  Hence videos will add to buyer confidence.

Also after sales services like Demo and troubleshooting can be made easy using videos.

Errors of the wrong size will be completely avoided in selling personal products like dresses and shoes.

Marketing using video helps to make a better buying decision as pictorial representation helps in better understanding.  In future videos and influencers will be the important marketing media rather than any other form of advertising.

In the future, life will be busier.   One will find it really hard to find time to visit shops.  Also commuting to shops in heavy traffic will drain away the shopping pleasure.  Hence no doubt online shopping using videos will rock the show.  Physical shopping will be done just for the experience like we visit theatres today.

Surprising Ways Technology Saves You Time and Money

Have you experienced that you invest so much cash and time working that you overlooked what an entire day’s relaxation is like? That is presumably due to the fact that you are not utilizing the numerous innovative advancements that can enable you to set aside some cash and time.

Here’s a couple of extraordinary manners by which you can utilize innovation to spare some cash and time.

  1. Utilize robotization

Robotization isn’t just efficient, it is cost-saving also. Paying expenses, planning gatherings, advertising on the web and garnering deals from sites such as and so on, is possible with only a couple of snaps.

Ideas like web-based social networking robotization and systems administration computerization are being connected in organizations, like never before. Advertisers have various advantageous alternatives like booked internet-based life posts and computerized messages each time a client leaves their shopping cart.

  1. Utilize online courses to prepare workers

As organizations develop, the workforce increases; however whenever there is a fresh teammate or worker, the training and knowledge transfer meetings has to be done again, which is extremely tedious.

Rather, arranging a one-time online course; you won’t just contact numerous representatives at one shot, however, you can save it and re utilizing it whenever you have to lead an instructional meeting, consequently sparing time and cash,

  1. Compose gatherings on the web

It’s fine and dandy to have up close and personal gatherings, yet with the present movement and time requirements, driving the distance to the headquarters to converse with them is an illogical alternative.

There are numerous officially acclaimed devices to sort out these gatherings similarly as adequately, like Google Hangouts and Skype which is conservative and efficient.

  1. Re-appropriate work when required

Organizations are as yet hesitant to redistribute work despite the fact that there are various re-appropriate arrangements.

Rather than self-taking in your approach into information gathering, that is likely to be time-consuming, it’s better to re-appropriate the job to an information mining organization; hence center around essential exercises you are specialized in.

The Five Biggest Ways Technology Has Transformed Sales

Sales teams today have evolved and have managed to improve their efficiency with every new piece of tech being incorporated. If you are looking to make your sales team robust and slightly agile to be able to adapt well to the advancements there are plenty of tech tools that can help you in this aspect.

  1. Accurate data is now at reach

The biggest hurdles in sales were to identify the target audience and to be able to project relevant products and services to them. This has now become simple thanks to the many channels that allow sales teams to capture customer information. Chatbots, for example, can actively gather information and also present them as more understandable data.

  1. Customize the promotional emails and banners

Customers do not hate ads altogether. When they find relevant ads displayed in a less intrusive manner they would be willing to click on the ad and actually be happy with the whole experience and the ease of finding what they love.

  1. Improve the process quality

Sales processes and their quality can be improved with the help of various tools. Take the analytics tools for example- they help the sales teams to identify the various perks and glitches in the existing system and thus make it easy to improvise.

  1. Quicker billing in the retail business

Billing process becomes quick and accurate thanks to the presence of barcode scanners. They prevent the need for manually entering the products to bill them. And barcode scanner repair service is very easy to find.

  1. Efficient queue management

Queue management systems of the modern times make it possible to reduce the friction involved in sales in the physical stores. This has a lot of benefits in terms of improving sales.

Whether it is a physical retail store or an e-commerce site, the right use of tech can help improve the sales and thus the revenue.…

How to Find The Best Personal Loan in Europe

A personal loan is a concept which helps you in a needy situation when you want money for immediate purposes. This can be availed form the company your work or through banks which offer a good rate of can be reasons like a medical emergency, wedding purpose, higher education requirements, holiday or travel.  In order to get quick loans processed in a short time duration, you need to analyze the loan providers around you.

There are wide choices from which you need to make your perfect choice from the following tips and decide on which is the best personal loan in Europe.

  1. Make a list of the loan providers in general: there may be banks or financial institutions that can offer loans and they will have their own unique features to be listed. Find and analyze about each bank and list out their loan eligibility terms and conditions before you choose to go ahead.
  2. Track the interest rates of each provider: the interest rate is one important factor in a loan that can be tricky at times. You may be paying repayment regularly but you will be shocked to see that you will be paying most of it as interest and a lesser amount in principal, hence choose loans with moderate interest rates.
  3. Keep a track of the credit rating of the loan provider: previous performance of the loan provider in important to be analyzed so that you can be peaceful that this is legit loan system.
  4. Check on the eligibility criteria: the criteria for taking loan should be quick and also legally verified rather than quoting tedious procedures which may get you tired of waiting for the cash you are in immediate need. Thus focus of the process time of loan you apply for.

These are the prime qualities you need to check for getting the best personal loan. Have a look at this link for more details,

9 Key Components of a Digital Strategy

The digital strategy is comprised of nine crucial components. Depending on the industry and type of business, some will be more important or relevant than others to you. Listed below are those key components.

Digital marketing- It is the promotion of the business using the online tools and resources. Also, you can opt for leaflets glasgow, newsletters, email marketing, blogs, etc.

Online presence- The online presence is where and how the community sees the business online like websites, corporate advertising profiles, social media, articles or reviews appearing on other websites, etc.

Customer interaction- It is about giving access to the customers to business through the means they prefer like desktop, mobile device, social media, etc.

Online selling- It allows the customers to purchase whatever they wish when the shop is closed.

Supplier interaction- When you are active in the digital economy, you get the access to national and global markets so that you can establish relationships with the potential supplier.

Online security – It is very much important to the business as the business is your digital or virtual assets. The information and data stored on the servers and computers are very much valuable and are irreplaceable assets. It includes secure payment systems and software, staff policies in accessing the data, etc.

Efficiencies through the technology– It means making use of the right technology for the right purpose. It will help in lowering the business overhead by offering the staff with adequate capability to operate effectively and efficiently.

Solutions that are mobile-based- These solutions include mobile websites, mobile commerce, and mobile applications.

Cloud computing It means storing the data or programs and accessing it over the internet instead of the hard drive of the computer.  Cloud is a metaphor for the internet.  It is a means by which the capacity can be increased and add the capabilities without investing in infrastructure.…

How Technology Make Drug Testing More Efficient And Affordable

Chemical engineers are making it easier for biomedical companies to make drug testing more efficient and affordable. PHD’s out of Harvard have created printer-based 3D printed cartridges that work well for the detection of THC, marijuana derivatives and others. The work of these scientists can be used to detect the presence of drug and drug derivatives in urine and blood easily and effectively and cheaply.

Drug testing as of now works in a multitude of steps, the step that usually involves testing a lot of candidates to test the differences in-between. These sorts of tests are very inaccurate and tend to be costly and the such, for this reason subsequent testing mechanisms now use much more reliable methods of drug testing that now bind to molecules in the blood or urine itself and stages it using the said molecules.

This sort of mechanism is usually quite slow and produces inaccurate results, sometimes the accuracy degrades to as much as 95% of drug testing results end up being quite useless, the reasons why this sort of drug testing mechanism tends to fail is due to the fact that the candidate drugs inside of the bloodstream end up clumping together and causing the target molecule to be destroyed by the liver or the kidneys. These inaccuracies can only be taken out by a slower and expensive type of screening that doesn’t work well most of the time.

For this reason, the new drug testing technologies have been focused on alleviating these pressing issues via the usage of nano-bots and other sorts of induced technology to make sure that drug testing gets more efficient and affordable as time goes along.

If you want advice on how to pass a urine test, take a look at our partner site.

How Bitcoin Futures Trading Could Burst the Cryptocurrency’s Tech Bubble

Bitcoin is in the news almost every day; recently it has gathered attention because of the recent launch of Bitcoin Futures by the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE). Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency and every big and small change in the financial world is said to affect Bitcoins price. Investors are stating that the launch of Bitcoin futures will bring down the Bitcoin demand, eventually bursting the bubble. Here is why everyone thinks Bitcoin could be in trouble.

1) After CBOE’s launch of Bitcoin futures, its rival CME the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is also planning to bring forward its own variant of Bitcoin futures. NASDAQ is not far beyond and planning to have similar launches during the second half of 2018.

2) Bitcoin futures enable investors to speculate Bitcoins future price. The traders put the bets on this price and earn profits accordingly. The launch of Bitcoin futures created huge excitement causing Bitcoin to reach higher values, but experts say it could bring the down the cryptocurrencies in long run.

3) Bitcoin futures offer traders to bet against the Bitcoin price allowing them to compensate in dollars. This is not only boosting their liquidity but allowing investors to trade cryptocurrencies without even owning them. This guards the investors against the volatility but it is also reducing the Bitcoin demand and pushing down its prices.

4) Bitcoin even though is the most popular one, has its own limitations like the scalability issues. New coins like Litecoin are capturing the market with their better transaction speeds. This also has affected the Bitcoins market capitalization. If you are looking forward to investing in coins other than Bitcoin, get Altcoins on Bibox.

5) The launch of Bitcoin futures has attracted high scrutiny from regulators who will play an important role in the future of these cryptocurrencies. While a few countries are supporting them, many countries are warning investors against these cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin has proved its legitimacy by trading on the futures, the interest from prominent investors will decide the future of these cryptocurrencies.…

The Coolest High-Tech Beauty Tools on the Market Right Now

Technology has revolutionized the way we look at things. We can see splendid changes in the functioning of different sectors. Life is also getting very much advanced with technology. From the wearables that we use to the kitchen utensils and electronic gadgets, we can see nothing but a miraculous advancement. Beautification is not an exception to this progression. Very high technology has been invested in the making of beauty tools to enhance the way it is used and reflected.

Scintillating products

Technology has been used in many product development processes to advance their way of operation. We have specially designed laser combs that can remove damaged hair and increase the flow of blood to grow new natural hair, which is very healthy. It is said to stimulate the growth of a healthy hair. We also have spray nail polishes that can be just sprayed on the nails to coat the base of the nail rather than dwelling deep on the skin. We have modernized moisturizer that is completely electronic which when plugged in a room at night disperse mist to keep our skin and hair moisturized. There are also eyelash curlers that have been designed with a simplicity that can decide the required fine-tuning and makes it beautiful and lasts longer. We also have the best manscaping kit and other associated products to very efficiently remove unwanted hair and make our skin look beautiful.

The best thing about being noted in such products is the simplicity of usage and the convenience in carrying it elsewhere. We can pack and take it easily and use it whenever and wherever we feel is comfortable. Start researching these tools and take the best that suits your way of life and experience a perfect inner confidence that is eternal.…

Can Blockchain as a Technology Really Fail?

With technological innovations happening at a jet speed, the evolution of Blockchain is revolutionary taking in account the speed at which the data is stored without any kind of human intervention and possibility of tampering to be minimal. Constant research is being carried out to understand the possible positives and negatives of the distributed ledger, which forms blocks of data for series of transactions in the cloud space.

Is it Complex?

  • the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency makes it sound to be a new verbatim and has taken the world with surprise and disbelief that something in the virtual network can store and maintain important data, wallet and much more sensitive topic
  • this open source distributed ledger is accessible and has a huge space which is kind of unlimited, the nodes connect the stream of transactions which could be anything from a payment processing solution to a risk and compliance data storage management,
  • the speed of transactions processed using this technology is high, however, the cost of each transaction is high making it an expensive deal for small enterprises to adopt
  • this technology serves as a database and the quotient of trust remains ambiguous since there is no credible proof of how safe and how accurate the data stored in the blocks are due to the centralized database which is similar to the blockchain
  • several flaws have been reported by Truly Coin  noted and there is continuous monitoring required for the system to incorporate correct data, in case of too many nodes being used, the network starts behaving differently
  • Implementation of this technology across all application is challenging, as there are several groups, which are for and against it, the growth of technology always comes with positive and negative implications, which have to be closely looked at and turn the positives for the benefit of the industry.

The Best 3 Technologies to Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping is one such disorder faced by many people mainly the working community due to the stress. Besides that, some people sleep for long hours and find difficulty to get up early. There are cases where people are unable to sleep due to the background noise or disturbances. While we have these complications, we have one factor called technology that ultimately puts a full stop to all the above difficulties. Yes! We are in the modern area where anything and everything is possible with the aid of technology. With the help of technology, we can sleep better, peacefully and happily. There are plenty of sleeping gadgets and applications listed by movomovo to enable people to choose the right gadget/application based on their requirement. Lets us have a sneak peek into three best technologies that help you to sleep better.

1) Device to record sleeping patterns: These devices are like pads or pillows placed in the area you intend to sleep. This is one of the best devices to purchase in case you face sleep disorders. This device records lots of data while you sleep such as your heart rate, snoring, snooze, your sleep cycles, positions. These recorded data are then sent to the app where users can have a look and consult a doctor if they find anything unusual. Besides these, these devices sync with the smart devices at home. Meaning, it can turn off light, when at night and once you are into the bed. This happens once you place them in your bed. Again, it can turn on your lights in the morning.

2) Wake-up light devices: Worried about sleeping for long hours? This device wakes you up by increasing the light brightness and with the alarm sound. So, this device forcefully makes you get up by throwing brightness to your face and disturbing your ears with the wake-up tone. With the help of this device, one can sleep peacefully in the night without worrying about waking up the next day.

3)  Mobile applications: The mobile phones come with inbuilt applications such as alarm services, snooze, etc to help people sleep peacefully. One can customize the alarm tone according to their wish.  Some applications help people to sleep peacefully without any external noise/sounds such as car beep, the sound of a dog barking, etc. These apps control your room ambient sounds and can be used to drown the common sounds as mentioned above. This helps people to sleep peacefully without any disturbance.…

Could We Live Without Technology?

In today’s life, every single person is using technology in one way or the other. If we compare our current position to the peoples in the past time, we can see that there is a difference in communication, information, and efficiency. The reasons why we can’t think of anything without technology are:

We Love Entertainment

Technology gives us entertainment. Can we imagine a world without television, online videos, gaming systems? The technology makes TV of these days with stunning crystal clear quality where one can even stream movies directly from the internet. People are more into using computers and smartphones for entertainment. Apps like YouTube, Instagram made entertainment readily available so that people enjoy hours in entertaining videos. Have you thought Wie kriegt man mehr Instagram Likes? It is important to know because others are watching the posts you are sharing on the Instagram frequently.

Even traditional forms of the internet get punched with technology. So it’s really hard to live without technology.


Technology has helped to keep us safe. It is technology that allows people to protect their home, assets and other belongings. Security cameras, alarm system, detect the threats so that we can tackle them in advance. These days’ people can avoid accidents, crashes of vehicles due to the advanced technology used in cars to make them more secured.

Education and Information

Education is the key in every society. Education is more accessible than before because of technology. If you have a computer and internet connection, then there is the unlimited scope of gaining knowledge and information. There are tutorials available on the net, YouTube videos and the endless things to learn from apps and that too for free. These days even school & colleges have become technologically sound by developing online portals, interactive learning tools and lot more as per the need.

But too much dependence on the technology is not good because then we wouldn’t survive without technology.…

The Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

An operating system is the base of a computer system. It is the control of hardware as well as software applications. Since the beginning of the computer introduction, there has been a lot of development with respect to the windows as the prime operating system with many versions of it. The most recent one is the windows 10. One of the previous OS the windows 7 is also equally well with its functions.

But there are some differences between the two which are being discussed here. This site has great windows 10 tutorials which can be handy to any techno-geek who wants the smallest of details pertaining to the system as a whole.

Some of the most prominent differences between the two are :

  1. Windows 10 has been made with an outlook to cover the OS on all products like mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. it has been made supportive of all these hardware. Whereas Windows 7 can be supported only on PC’s and laptops and hence Windows 10 is opted for the touchscreen
  2. Another difference is that Search option, in windows 7 it helps to search the files and applications on the computer, though it looks same on the windows 10 it goes a step better in allowing search directly from the web. This feature is an enhancement preferred by users.
  3. The introduction of Cortana a virtual office assistant is the proud feature of Windows 10 unlike windows 7 which helps the user to maintain everything up to date with the push from this assistant.
  4. The virtual desktop is an exciting feature in Windows 10 that helps the user in multitasking. This is considered as an added advantage which is enjoyed by many users.
  5. There have also been many new functions in gaming options in Windows 10 when compared with Windows It has been an exciting development.

On the overall windows10 is the one with more features that suits the current quick paced world of technology and users support the windows 10 version and are completely satisfied with its features.…

Hostgator v/s Justhost Hosting – Why Hostgator Hosting Is Better?

When it comes to web hosting, you will find lots of popular names in the field. While Hostgator is really the father figure in this field, there are other reputed names, like Godaddy, Justhost, etc. Why there is a comparison of Hostgator v/s Justhost? You can say Hostgator is the leading web hosting platform in the market where Justhost has just stepped into. Can there be any comparison between the both? Here is a thorough discussion between the two and then you are to decide which one is the best, or more precisely which one you should prefer. Before digging deep into the comparison, let’s get an overview of both the web hosting services.

Hostgator – What Do You Want to Know About It?

Based in Houston, Hostgator is a web hosting that comes with dedicated shared, VPS, reseller service with its branch office in Austin, Texas.

Founded by Brent Oxley in 2002 in Florida, Hostgator took no time to gain immense popularity amongst the web developers around the world. So far, according to the latest statistics of 2003, Hostgator has more than 400,000 customers along with 9 million domains.

Justhost – A Brief Overview

Justhost hosting compared to Hostgator is new. It was founded in 2004 and its data center is located at Provo, Utah. Within this small time, it has also gathered enough popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and VPS hosting. Maybe, they are still laidback in providing continuous customer support, but they are working on that drawback.

Now, you have gained little information about both of the web hosting. Which one is better than the other? That you can know from a detailed study of comparison. Read on to know more-

Hostgator v/s Justhost- Features and Pricing

When it comes to Hostgator, you will find three different types of web hosting packages that are ranged between $4.95 and $12.95 per month. Hatchling Plan that is the basic package of Hostgator, comes with unlimited disk space, single domain and obviously, with unlimited bandwidth. If you go for the bigger plans, you will get more things, like endless domains, and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Not only that but Hostgator web hosting also provides free and dedicated IP and SSL along with numerous online commercial services which have made it worthy of paying the price of Hostgator.

Justhost is a bit different from Hostgator in terms of features and pricing. It comes with two plans- the JustPlan and the JustPlan Premium. The price range of Justhost is lower than Hostgator as it is within $3.45 to $6.95 per month, though it is subject to change anytime. If you go for premium plans, you can get unlimited free domains for life, that means till then Justhost is in business.

Question of Reliability

Though both of them provide99.9% uptime guarantee, Hostgator offers something more. Their customer service is available for 24*7/365 days. There are also weekly off-site backups. The services, offered by Justhost here are quite same apart from the offsite backup. But, Justhost comes with biometric security in the package which has made it almost equal to Hostgator.

Strong Support System

Maybe, in providing upgraded services, both of the hosting companies are nearly same, but when it comes to the supporting system, Hostgator will get few additional points. They come with their 24*7 helping hand where you can ask your query through the mail, over phones, etc. Apart from that, they assist users to know more about the hosting process through their websites, contents, magazines, etc. Customer service support system, in case of Jushost, is not that much up to the mark.

Apart from these essential fields, there are different other sectors where these two web hostings are different than the other. Now, it is up to you which one will be convenient for you.…